A poem for when the depersonalization comes

Loose loose loose/

Away my soul drifts/

Away from the world/

In a new reality/

Blurry, foggy, headache, groggy/

Hurting, aching/

Seething, dissolving/

Into space with the stardust/

Fighting for self love/

If I can’t love myself who will love me?/

Will the God above me?/

Why have you forsaken me?/ Is it because I have forsaken you?/

Your wrath has destroyed my faith/

The pastor says your love is endless/

But you’ve beaten me senseless/

I clench my jaw thinking of you/

I’m angry at you/

Because I’m hurt/

Am I not your child too?/

Lost and afraid/

Living with no purpose is like living with no soul/

Living like a zombie with no heart/

Living like you’re always in the dark/

It’s a twisted joke/

But I somehow still have hope/

People have come back from less/

I’m waiting on my redemption/

Recovery is my obsession/

I understand this is a test/ 


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